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Monday, November 17, 2008

An extraordinarily helpful store clerk:

I ran into a pleasant experience not long ago while making an after-school run to the Sunflower Market in Corrales, on the northwestern edge of Albuquerque. We are fairly particular about which milk we like to drink. The Sunflower isn't real close to where I live and when I found none of the brand I wanted in the dairy case I was a little bummed. When I asked a clerk if there was any more of the brand we like the most he said no, but that a delivery was on its way and should be there soon. I said something, probably an expletive to celebrate my disappointment, picked up the next best brand and size and went on about my shopping and rolled my cart up to the checkout stand. Just as I was ending the process and ready to slide my money card, Russell (I knew this from his name badge) pushed his way up to me to let me know that the milk truck had arrived. I said something about it being too late, I had already purchased the other milk, and Russell said no it wasn't and asked me if I wanted him to run out to the truck and grab a gallon and bring it up to me. This he did, believe it or not, while the cashier did her magic and corrected her tally to exchange the desired bottle for the one I really didn't want. I was genuinely impressed by this experience. The world needs more Russells.

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